This is a collection of notes regarding my RP character "Crystallia" at the Dragon Cave forums.


Crystallia (Talia for short) is a mature white dragon. She has divinely soft feathered wings, and carries a staff with a carved orb of crystal on the end. The orb is carved to depict elegant white dragons on one side, and vicious black dragons on the other, of a round object that is radiating spears of light. Her eyes, and the crystal are both an icy shade of blue.

Her voice is often distant, as if she was a long way away. She used to have a powerful gift of premonition, but since Core disappeared, her sight has been clouded, and she can infrequently make out mere glimpses fo the future. Possibly, her voice is always so dreamy because she's too busy paying attention to things that happen in another time or place, rather than those here.

Her powers are all spell-based. She is capable of casting a protection spell that can help keep her and her allies from being detected by their enemies. Her greatest ability lies in healing wounds. While she can heal even the most grevious wounds, she cannot recover dragons from the dead. She is also capable of counter-spelling enemies to protect herself and allies from harmful spells, and creating magic shields to deflect flames and the like; however, these spells are more difficult and not invulnerable.

She can use her staff as a weapon, should she need to defend herself, but she is not an accomplished fighter.

Prolonged spells, such as those of protection, require an immense amount of concentration. To aid the dragon in concentrating on maintaining the spell, they may chant a "litany": a repetitive, frequently rhyming mantra. These litanies may be invented by the dragon using them, or they may be revered traditions, handed down from dragon to dragon.

Litany of Protection

Core of Light, force of guiding;
These times of trouble, darkness rising;
On you within, all hope residing;
Protect us now, in faith providing.

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