This is a collection of notes regarding my RP character "Freya" at the Dragon Cave forums.

Freya is a frozen Frilled hatchling of unknown age. One day, whilst playing in the forest, she dug up a dark violet crystal. The crystal gave her an electric shock, making her feel light-headed. She sat herself down at the base of a tree and fell into a long and troubled sleep. When she awoke, she did not know where she was. Since, she has been trying to find her mother

She has small frills on either side of her head, marked with an earthy golden-orange as if she had been splattered with paint. The frill at the end of her tail has the same marking. Her frills are somewhat tattered from crawling through the undergrowth. Freya never stays completely still. She is slightly awkward, probably a legacy of her baby-ish build, and has a tendency to clumsiness. Her tail is always in motion, even if the rest of her is not; ranging from a tiny twitch at the end, to a full-blown dog-like wag.

Her powers and abilities are mostly as-yet undiscovered. She is capable of scouting, having spent a large amount of time sneaking through the woods.

Prolonged spells, such as those of stealth, require an immense amount of concentration. To aid the dragon in concentrating on maintaining the spell, they may chant a "litany": a repetitive, frequently rhyming mantra. These litanies may be invented by the dragon using them, or they may be revered traditions, handed down from dragon to dragon.

Litany of Stealth

Little paw
Silent claw
Sneaky, sneaky
Without flaw

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