Heavy Rain Walkthrough

NOTE1: Chapters one through fifty-one, plus fifty-five, constitute a complete walkthrough for a certain version of the story. For any given version of the story, chapters may be missing or chapters fifty-two through -four may be inserted.
NOTE2: Unless you really want to replay the opening scenes, do not start a new save file once you've completed the game for the first time. The game will collect all the chapters as you acquire them within that save file.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Prologue

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Follow the instructions on-screen, the bathroom is the door immediately screen right of the bedroom. Return to the bedroom & open the cupboard to get dressed before heading downstairs. You can also shave and brush your teeth by approaching the mirror.

From the bottom of the stairs, Ethan's office is screen right, in the rear corner of the house. At Ethan's desk, keep picking up the drawing tools until the drawing is complete.

Wander around the house & garden to get used to the clumsy walking controls. Grace & the boys will arrive home after about three minutes. Turning on the TV will allow you to watch part of the animated short ”Voodoo”.

Help Grace bring the groceries in, then set the table. Return to Grace in the kitchen to interact with her, then head outside to play with the boys.

Walk inside to hear Grace calling Shaun to lunch. Go upstairs and comfort Shaun. Interacting with Shaun will end the chapter.

TROPHY: Happy Birthday

Chapter Two: The Mall

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

When Jason wanders off, follow him to the clown selling balloons & interact with him. Press UP to pay for the balloon.

After talking to Grace, run to the nearest railing to see Jason has gone to the lower level. Keep moving towards the escalator to go down. Follow the red balloon towards the bunch of coloured balloons, where it will disappear. Turn around to see another red balloon, fight your way back towards it, then turn & follow Jason’s red balloon outside.

TROPHY: Interactive Drama

Chapter Three: Father & Son

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Pick Shaun up from school, following the prompts, & return to Ethan’s new, less lavish home. There is a schedule written on the chalkboard & several clocks around the place to keep you on time.

As soon as as possible after arriving home, ask Shaun if he wants his snack, there are chips and a granola bar in the cupboard above the microwave.

Talk to or observe Shaun (avoiding homework/dinner) until SICK appears. The bathroom is upstairs (screen left), the medicine is in the cabinet. Walk around the front of the couch to give Shaun the medicine, then ask him to do his homework.

When Shaun is finished, interact with him to check his homework. At 7:00 ask Shaun if he wants dinner. In the fridge there is pizza or a chicken dinner, choose one & microwave it. When Shaun comes into the kitchen to eat, look towards the window to see that you can interact with the fruit bowl. Juggle fruit for Shaun, this is a call back to the juggling balls found in the boy’s room in the prologue.

By the front door is the mail, interact with the mail to read a mysterious & ominous letter. Shaun is watching the animated shorts ”Pyrats” & ”Voodoo”, you can join him on the couch. The door on screen right upstairs is Ethan’s office, go inside to dust off the drawing from the prologue & watch a home video of the Mars family.

At 8:00 send Shaun to bed. Tell him to go upstairs & walk into the laundry (off the kitchen, screen left) and pick up the teddy bear from the dryer. Go upstairs to Shaun’s bedroom (second door from the left) & give him his teddy. Close his blinds & sit on the bed, following the prompts to put him to bed properly. There is also a drawing on Shaun’s desk that you can pick up, depicting Jason’s accident. Close Shaun's door & walk away to end the chapter.

TROPHY: Good Father

Chapter Four: Sleazy Place

Tuesday 00:06am
Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 2

In Lauren’s apartment, put some money on the table and walk towards her to start the conversation. After selecting any two interactions you will be given the options TRICK and BUY. Selecting BUY will offend Lauren & she will ask you to leave, selecting TRICK will guilt her into talking about her son.

You will get to ask two questions, then Lauren will light a cigarette. You can then ask two more questions before the alarm goes off & Lauren instructs you to leave.

TROPHY: Private Eye

Leave your card on the table & walk down the hallway. As you suffer a severe asthma attack, a man will pass you in the hall. Press RIGHT to locate your inhaler. Return to Lauren’s apartment to hear her screaming, bust in & beat the snot out of Troy.

TROPHY: White Knight

If you take too long to go back to the apartment, or if you choose to ignore Lauren’s plight & leave, she will be sporting a black eye the next time you see her.

Chapter Five: Crime Scene

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 1

Talk to the officers to gain access to the crime scene, then find Lieutenant Blake on the wasteland (he’s the only non-uniform on the scene). You can either interrogate him fully to learn more about the story, or LEAVE the conversation as soon as the option appears, this will not affect the character’s knowledge, just the player’s.

Put ARI on and start at the body in the tent. Examine the body fully, then investigate the trail of pollen in the air. Press R1 & follow the trail to the tracks & press R1 again to reveal two more clues, use R1 at the fence to find more blood, then climb the muddy slope. Press R1 at the top & examine the tire tracks, Norman will then announce that he has gathered all the clues. Walk down the hill & back to Norman’s car to end the chapter.

TROPHY: FBI Investigator

Chapter Six: The Shrink

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 3

Choose whatever you like on the Rorschach blots, it’s bupkis anyway. You can answer all of Dupre’s questions as you see fit, but only telling Dupre about the BLACKOUTS will reveal to the player information about Jason’s accident.

Chapter Seven: The Park

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Ethan can talk to Shaun a little, he seems quite depressed (Ethan’s getting therapy, I hope Shaun is too). Stand up and walk to screen left, press DOWN to find a boomerang in Shaun’s bag. Successfully catch the boomerang twice in a row, then show Shaun how to throw the boomerang.

You can play with Shaun on the see-saw, merry-go-round, & swings. Pick at least two of these & buy some candy from the vendor. Press X to suggest that you leave, then let Shaun ride the carousel.

TROPHY: Good Friends

Chapter Eight: Where’s Shaun?

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Dodge the truck (or not, doesn’t matter), then run towards the top of the screen.

When you return to the park, go to the carousel to find Shaun’s bag on the ground. Leave the park.

At Ethan’s home, run upstairs to complete the chapter.

Chapter Nine: Welcome, Norman

Character: Norman Jayden/Ethan Mars
Versions: 3

Kill some time as you wait outside the Captain’s office. Put ARI on to play a mini-game to pass the time. Follow the Captain & tie his necktie. Sit in on the press conference, walk back past Blake’s desk & ask him about the INVESTIGATION. At Charlene’s desk notice the WATCH, choose contribute or not, then ask about your OFFICE.

Follow Charlene to your office & follow the prompts. I like to use the underwater environment as it’s the only one not used in later scenes. Open the clues & ANALYSE all three objects. Close clues & open files; OPEN then ANALYSE the killer profile; then OPEN, ANALYSE, & GEOANALYSE the victims.

Exit ARI. Norman was looking pale before, but now he’s completely strung out. Stumble to the door.

If you take the Triptocaine Norman will zone out for a while; if you resist he will leave the office, looking for the men’s room. If you fail the QTE, Norman will stumble back into his office & take the Tripto automatically.

Take over Ethan & submit to Blake & Ash’s questioning. The correct answers regarding the time & what Shaun was wearing are all X.

TROPHY: Got to Remember!

If he’s not tripping, Norman will join the questioning. If you tell the truth & answer YES to both questions, Ethan will reveal the state of his relationship to Grace.

Chapter Ten: Hassan's Shop

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 4

You can attempt to ask Hassan some questions, but he is entirely unhelpful, you can skip this by opting to LEAVE straight away. Go to the back of the store & pick up the inhaler.

Story Choice

There are three possible outcomes for this situation: the robber can shoot Hassan, Scott can subdue the robber, or Scott can talk the robber down.

Protect Hassan

To subdue the robber, sneak along the first or last aisle, following the prompts when they appear. To talk the robber down, walk up any aisle & allow the robber to notice you, stay calm & reason with him until he backs down & leaves.

TROPHY: Negotiator

In his gratitude, Hassan will offer the only help he can regarding his son’s disappearance: a mysterious shoebox containing pieces of origami.

Get Hassan Killed

Scott can get Hassan killed by antagonising the robber using the TRIANGLE responses, then standing by & doing nothing as the robber shoots Hassan.

Chapter Eleven: Sleepless Night

Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 3

You need to waste a good five or so minutes before the intruders attack Madison. The following objects can cause Madison to see intruders if enough time has passed:

  • Reading the magazine.
  • Laying down on the bed.
  • Returning from the bathroom.
  • Using the laptop.

Once you notice the fridge hanging open, go over & close it to start the intruder sequence. There are three ways Madison can die: she can be stabbed on her dining table, after escaping the bedroom she can be stabbed on the floor near the couches, or she will die in the bathroom.

Chapter Twelve: Paparazzi

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 2

Read the letter & check the envelope to find a ticket. Go out the back door, turn towards the bottom of the screen & jump the fence. Go up the side of the house & get in the car & drive away.


Alternately, you can open the front door to be mobbed by reporters. You are given the option to rethink your strategy, or you can leave via the front door, pushing through the crowd until you reach the car.

Chapter Thirteen: Lexington Station

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Follow the prompts until Ethan goes into a delusional state. Run around & bump into as many people as you can during the time limit. Don’t worry about following the balloon, it will just vanish & reappear elsewhere anyway. It doesn’t matter what part of the room you finish the delusion in, you’ll always wake up outside the lockers.

TROPHY: Agoraphobia

Look at your ticket then walk into the room with the lockers. Take the first left, go around to the right & walk along until the screen prompts appear. Press UP to open the locker.

TROPHY: Lucky Locker

Chapter Fourteen: The Motel

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Examine the contents of the shoebox. You are given the choice of leaving the box on the desk or stashing it under the bed. If you leave it on the desk, Madison will be able to snoop through it while Ethan’s in the shower in chapter nineteen.

Chapter Fifteen: Kick Off Meeting

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 2

You’ll have to interact with Blake a few times during Jayden’s presentation. Generally, it’s more fun to rile Blake up, he’s such a douchenozzle.

Chapter Sixteen: Nathaniel

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 3

Follow Blake around Nathaniel’s apartment, then return to the main room & wait for Nathaniel’s return. If you try to simply wait it out, Blake will get ”stuck” in the hallway, duck round the back to get him moving again.

Ask Nathaniel a few unhelpful questions until Blake start haranguing him. INTERVENE does nothing here, Blake just ignores you & continues to berate Nathaniel.

The stand off with Nathaniel can end three ways, but he only survives one of them. It is easy enough to talk him down, allowing Blake to arrest him (and complement you on your cool head).

TROPHY: Self Control

Alternately, you can just shoot him to end the chapter.

TROPHY: Blunder

Finally, you can keep cool until Nathaniel reaches into his jacket & shoot. This prompts Blake say ”it was just a crucifix”.

Chapter Seventeen: Suicide Baby

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1

Ring the bell (UP) & look in the window (LEFT) to note they crying baby, then knock & lastly try the handle. Walk around the back & let yourself in. Pick up the suicide note on the floor, then go down the hall into the bedroom. Break into the bathroom & rescue Mrs Bowles, the mother of the boy found on the wasteland in chapter five. Fetch the supplies from the bathroom cabinet & tend to her wounds.

Go back into the bathroom & wash your hands. Pick up Emily & change her diaper. There is a bottle in the kitchen, heat it & go back to the pram.

TROPHY: Baby Master

Return to the bedroom & talk to Mrs Bowles. Fetch the phone, say goodbye to Emily, then leave the house to end the chapter.

Chapter Eighteen: The Bear

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Give your ticket to the guy at the garage & collect the keys. Take the lift, your car is at the far end. You can use CIRCLE to help locate it. Once in the car, look to the left to find a GPS in the driver’s side door compartment.

You can listen to all four options, but you must select both SHAUN & HOPE to progress. There is an option to REFUSE the bear trail, but it does nothing.

At a few points you will be given a choice of directions to steer. There are no wrong choices, but there is a trophy for selecting the ”best” path.

4. LEFT at the roadworks
7. RIGHT through the toll booth
8. BOTH! steer right, then left
9. RIGHT through the blockade

TROPHY: Kamikaze

Note that the controls are shown upside-down while you are hanging from your seatbelt. Collect your reward & press LEFT to escape the car & end the chapter.

TROPHY: Good Driver

Chapter Nineteen: First Encounter

Characters: Madison Paige/Ethan Mars
Versions: 1

Check into the motel, pick a staircase & go up two flights of stairs. Walk along the balcony until you reach Ethan & help him inside.

Help Ethan take his jacket off, then go into the bathroom & open the cabinet. Press UP to get the disinfectant & return to Ethan. After disinfecting his cut, go back to the bathroom & press DOWN to get the painkillers. Give them to Ethan.

While Ethan’s in the bathroom, peer through the door to see that he’a showering with his underwear on. Snoop around for reasons that won’t become clear until much, much later in the game.

Once Madison is gone, take over Ethan & fetch the shoebox (if it was under the bed) & sit at the desk. Unfold the butterfly origami to end the chapter.

Chapter Twenty: Covered Market

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 6

At the beginning of this chapter, Blake questions Norman on the incident with Nathaniel. Whether you shot him or not, there are two answers you can give, though not shooting Nathaniel + IRONIC is the best one.

Get out of the car & chase your target. There’s no consequence for failure here, so of you get a kick out of watching Norman fall on his face in various ways, just mash the controller about a little.

In the cold storage room, move through the carcasses until you’re blindsided by Korda. Completing the fight sequence will have you take him down; if you fail, Blake will save you, just don’t except him to be too happy (or timely) about it.

TROPHY: Cat & Mouse

Chapter Twenty One: A Visitor

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1

Poke around Scott’s desk, he’s a pretty typical noir P.I. Kill some time until the doorbell rings, check out the layout of the apartment for later.

Take Lauren’s coat & offer her a drink. Pick up the envelope, examine the postmark & check for a return address before looking at the delivery address.

Choose whatever response you want, it doesn't affect what Lauren replies. You’re stuck with her now.

Chapter Twenty Two: Kramer’s Party

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 3

Gordi is upstairs, but Kramer’s goons will initially turn you away. If you walk directly away from them, you will stumble into an extremely drunk guy in a pale suit who can easily be duped into starting a fight.

If you head towards the top of the screen, you’ll find Lauren sitting on a couch. After updating her on the situation, she’ll offer to help, agree to let her go over & distract the guards. When the guards leave their post, go upstairs.

Before approaching Gordi Kramer you can watch the animated short ”Cocotte Minute” on his TV in full. Walk towards him to trigger the conversation, he will give you some cock & bull about being the origami killer & sic his bodyguards on you. Beat them soundly to end the chapter.

TROPHY: Tough Guy

If Gordi Kramer’s bodyguards get the better of you they will knock you unconscious and throw you out.

Chapter Twenty Three: The Butterfly

Wednesday 7:42pm
Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 3

Check out the main gate to the old power plant to find that it is jammed shut. Head left and walk around the side until you find a broken section of fence, crawl between the wires. Head towards the top of the screen as you cross the yard, you’ll find a door with a butterfly painted next to it.

Inside, open the service hatch and look inside. Use the matches, then climb in. Crawl along the access way until you reach the glass. I don’t know why Ethan couldn't just sweep the glass out of his path, maybe he’s a masochist that wants to shred his arms. Crawl slowly until you reach the first junction.

Light the match and note the direction of the flame. The tip of the flame is being sucked towards the air source, but there’s a butterfly painted on the wall as well. Go right & keep crawling, use the matches at the next junction & turn left.

Movement in the tunnels is ridiculously clumsy. Stop as soon as you notice a junction & use the matches. Hold down R2 (gently) until you start moving again THEN choose a direction. If you turn too early, you’ll just turn around & head back the way you came. Hold the right control stick in the desired direction until Ethan has crawled into the intersection and started to turn, turning is slow to respond & you’ll get stuffed up if you release too early.

The third junction is a cross-ways, go right (the opposite direction to that indicated by the match) and crawl to the end to discover a father who failed before you. Turn around completely and go straight through the cross-way. Take a right at the next junction, you’ll be able to see the end of the tunnel up ahead.

Climb out of the access way & get painfully to your feet, slide down the pipe & climb/fall down the ledge.

If you crawl too quickly, you will be given a chance to stop abusing Ethan. If you continue, he will collapse in the tunnel before dragging himself out & leaving.

Story Choice

After crawling through all that broken glass, you have the option of chickening out of the electrified trial & not claiming the next video clip & address letters.

Complete the Trial

Walk towards the bottom of the screen to find the second-last set of wires is broken & not arcing. Crawl between the wires, then look to the left, if you can’t see the button because it is hidden by the electrified posts, press L1 to switch the camera.

Go left again, then up, then right. You will now be able to clearly see the butterfly on the wall ahead of you. Most of the barriers on the easy path start with R1. Messing up a button combo will result in Ethan suffering an electric shock, causing a large burn on his chest. Head up through the last two barriers & move towards the table to end the chapter.

If you have a pretty good handle on controller twister, the combos are more difficult, but you can get through more quickly by starting in the same place but going up & left (putting you in position for the final two barriers).

TROPHY: Electrified

Skip the Trial

In the electrified room there is an obvious & clearly marked door at the top of the screen that reads ”coward”. Walk through the door to abandon the trial and end the chapter.

TROPHY: Coward!

Chapter Twenty Four: The Nurse

Wednesday 9:06pm
Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 3

Pick Ethan up off the floor, when you are done *ahem* undressing him go into the bathroom & fetch the supplies from the cabinet. Before going to the cabinet, you can snoop in the shoebox on the desk. Sit back down on the edge of the bed.

If Ethan burned himself on the wires, apply the ointment, then give him the anti-fever, painkiller, & anti-biotic from MEDICATION. If you select the sleeping pills, Madison will comment on that being a bad idea.

Disinfect the cuts on Ethan’s arm, then bandage him up. Keep rotating the right stick when the cue disappears off the bottom of the screen, it will reappear a moment later when the camera angle changes. Bandaging Ethan’s arm ends the interaction, so make sure to leave it for last.

Upon waking, Ethan will ask Madison a perfectly valid question: why is she helping him? NO CHOICE will give you a reasonable, straight-forward answer, while MEMORY is some ridiculous ”big brothers” fabrication. Once Madison has left, sit at the desk & find out what the next trial is.

Chapter Twenty Five: Police News

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 1

You cannot interact with this scene, & is a carry-over from an abandoned subplot. Feel free to go make a cuppa.

Chapter Twenty Six: Shrink & Punches

Wednesday 9:55pm
Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 2

Interrogate Dupre, intervening when Blake starts to get violent. If you’re standing close enough,you can shoulder Blake away from Dupre to really piss him off.

TROPHY: Good Cop

Alternately, you can do nothing & let Blake beat the shrink.


Chapter Twenty Seven: The Golf Club

Thursday 7:00am
Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1

Walk left until you reach Charles Kramer, hit the golf balls as instructed. How far the balls fly depend on on how well you carry out the instructions.

Chapter Twenty Eight: The Lizard

Thursday 7:47am
Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 6

Notice the lizard on the floor, shake it & put it down again. Walk along the hall to the next lizard. Shake this one to hear something inside, break it to get the key then walk down the corridor & unlock the door.

Sit at the desk and activate the video device.

Story Choice

Shit is getting real now. Origami has left a positively sociopathic range of tools at your disposal, but you can again choose that your son’s life isn’t worth a little bodily disfigurement. Why give Origami that satisfaction, after all?

Complete the Trial

If you think the tip of your little finger is a fair trade for the life of your only living child, collect the following items & place them on the desk: disinfectant from the bathroom cabinet, alcohol from the kitchen cupboard, a scrap of wood off the floor under the window. Pick up the iron rod that’s lying on the floor to the left of the desk, take it to the stove and heat it until it glows red. Place the rod on the desk.

Select your weapon of choice (see below) & sit at the desk. Pick up the alcohol & drink for some liquid courage, pick up the disinfectant to apply it to your finger, pick up the scrap of wood & put it between your teeth. Select your tool of disfigurement & take some deep breaths, select DO IT to get on with the process.

Once you have done the deed, walk back to the desk & pick up the iron rod to cauterise your wound. Look under the desk & follow the instructions to get the next memory card & end the chapter.

Skip the Trial

If you’d rather not go through with the lizard trial, simply walk out the door. The chapter will end.

Weapons of Torture

On the TV stand by the door are a pair of PLIERS/WIRE CUTTERS, on the floor to the right of the TV is an AXE, stuck in the kitchen wall is a KNIFE.

TROPHY: Gold Finger

On the floor to the right of the desk is a SAW. Unlike the previous three tools, this one doesn't get the job done straight away.

In the bathroom sink is a pair of SCISSORS. This is the least effective of all the tools available, forcing Ethan to cut at his finger several times, screaming. Afterwards, he will fall to the floor & finish the job by audibly snapping the joint.

TROPHY: Butcher

Chapter Twenty Nine: Fugitive

Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 4

If Ethan cut off part of his finger, Madison will find him dazed on the lower floor, clutching his mutilated hand. If you skipped the trial, Madison will bump into Ethan just as he’s coming down the stairs.

Upstairs offers no way out, & the door at the back of the room turns out to be a rat-filled cupboard. Pull the boards down from the window (Ethan will help you if he’s not wounded) & push the trunk in the centre of the room over.

Story Choice

At this point, the cops will be ready to burst in, giving you only moments to get out. This is the first time you can actually change the order of the chapters you see.

Evade the Police

Ethan & Madison help each other out the window, causing the officer outside to notice them. If Ethan didn’t go through with the Lizard trial, he will be shot by the officer, rubber-banding the remainder of this scene to be the same as if he had cut the finger off.

You have plenty of time to work out the street ”puzzle” (go left, then right, then left again to find gaps between the cars). Head into the subway and make your way to one of the only two working gates. Swipe your card and head down to the platform. Quickly jump down on the tracks, cross to the other platform, & climb up.

TROPHY: Fugitive

Ethan & Madison return to his motel room, where she interrogates him about being chased by the police. Once Madison has left, open the box to find out what the next trial will be. CONTINUE TO CHAPTER THIRTY

Get Ethan Arrested

Once you have the trunk in position, if you do nothing, the police will arrest Ethan while Madison escapes down the alley.

If you waste too much time crossing the road, Blake will catch up with you on the other side, Madison having escaped down into the subway.

If you make it as far as the subway platform, but try to battle your way along the platform, instead of jumping down, Blake will eventually catch up with you, arresting Ethan while Madison hides behind a pillar. SKIP TO CHAPTER FIFTY TWO

TROPHY: Hands Up

Chapter Thirty: Jayden Blues (version 1)

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 2

Your success/failure in chapter twenty affects which version of ”Jayden Blues” you see. This chapter remains at the same point in time in both versions of the story, but is book-ended by different events.

Play all the notes on the piano correctly to hear Jayden’s main theme. Take a moment to ponder on the irony of Norman saying that he’s trying to keep his addiction under control when he is clearly using ARI for non-work related reasons at that exact moment.

TROPHY: Ludwig Von

Open CLUES to discover new evidence uploaded to ARI. ANALYSE the video, then the car identified from the recording, & finally The new POI, Jackson ”Mad Jack” Neville.

Jayden will automatically exit ARI, sitting in the hotel room he is staying in. His time using ARI has done its damage, with Jayden zoning in & out of the delusion that he in still inside. The more Triptocaine Jayden takes, the worse his body copes with the effects of ARI. If you took the Tripto in chapter nine (Welcome, Norman), Jayden will be more difficult to control in this encounter.

You can stumble around, interacting with various objects, even leaving the room and making your way up & down the hall. If you stay out in the hall too long you will automatically return, once you’ve returned to the room you can’t leave again.

Putting him under the shower will end the scene, as will picking up the Tripto tube & deciding whether to use it or flush it.


Chapter Thirty One: Manfred

Thursday 11:10am
Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 3

Go past the glass partition & turn right to find Manfred. When the phone rings, walk back around the glass partition and answer it for him. Cross to the opposite side of the room where Manfred is waiting with the scotch. Toast, then take a second mouthful, Manfred will wander over to Lauren to tell her about the music box she is admiring.

Show Manfred the envelope, then walk back to the counter to fetch the magnifying glass, it’s under the fancy cuckoo clock. Ask all of the questions, then wait while Manfred goes out the back. If you fail to ask a question, or answer the phone, Lauren will take over for Scott. When the clocks stop chiming, head to the very back of the store. Resist the temptation to touch the door behind the glass partition, it’s just a toilet.

After discovering Manfred’s body, walk towards Lauren, she will see Manfred’s body as well. When you have control of the character again, ask Lauren what she is doing, then wipe down the white telephone. Walk behind the counter to wipe the black telephone; then clean the whiskey bottle, glasses, and magnifying glass. Clean the music box & the front door to the shop. Try to ignore that Scott apparently knows nothing about removing prints.

Answering yes to the question ”did you get all the prints” will cause you to leave. If you missed anything, the camera will show you an image of the object you failed to clean & you’ll be treated to a short scene of Scott in the police station trying to explain away his questionable actions.

After Lauren storms out of the car on the drive home, you need to choose at least two options before you can exit the car & follow her.

Chapter Thirty Two: The Shark

Thursday 11:15am
Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 3

Bust into the apartment, the drug dealer will grab a shotgun & chase you around the house.

Story Choice

Once you have cornered the drug dealer, you are given the option of shooting (pressing R1, representing the trigger), or simply pistol whipping him.

Old Man Dies, Little Boy Lives

Show no mercy. That scum’s life was nothing compared to Shaun’s.

TROPHY: I’m a Killer…

And the World Goes Blind

Take pity on the drug dealer’s poor daughters & spare his life.

TROPHY: I’m not a Killer!

If you fail at the QTEs, you will be cornered & chased off by the drug dealer & fail the trial.

Chapter Thirty Three: The Doc

Thursday 1:32pm
Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 3

Talk the to sleazy doctor, CLIENTS and MEDICINE will remove the other option, but you won’t learn anything from either.

If you drink from the glass he gives you, or answer ”yes” when he asks if you’re drinking, you will wake up in the basement. Answer ”no” to put the glass down.

TROPHY: Smart Girl

He will leave the room, giving you the opportunity to explore. Open the nearest door & take the card from the Blue Lagoon off the desk. At this point you can leave, ending the chapter, or continue exploring. Go down the hall to the kitchen, the doctor will sneak up behind you & knock you out.

In the basement, follow the prompts to use the drill and free yourself. Complete the QTE to kill the doctor and escape. If you didn’t already find it, you will see Madison pick up the Blue Lagoon card.

TROPHY: Queen of Ropes

If you fail to escape the doctor’s clutches, Madison will die, any further chapters in which she is the main character will not happen & she will not be present in the final chapter.

Chapter Thirty Four: Mad Jack

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 4

Either walk straight into the garage, or go over to the heavy machinery & talk to Mad Jack. Put ARI on & start next to the office, working your way around the shed in a circle. Once you have all the clues, either leave the shed or look into the acid bath.

Struggle with Mad Jack until Norman gains control of the gun. Choose IMPRESS or GASOLINE to intimidate Mad Jack into talking.

When Norman starts to zone out, you can try play controller twister to take some Tripto, but the seven-button combo of doom is designed to be failed. If you want to pass this combo, you’ll need to be holding the controller a specific way before the combo begins: move your right hand so your thumb is over X and O, with your index & middle fingers on R1 & R2. Position your left hand so you can hold TRIANGLE with you left thumb, and still be able to L1 & L2. Though, even with the correct grip, this combo is tough.

Fail the combo to allow Mad Jack to stomp Norman’s face, waking up handcuffed to the steering wheel of Norman’s car, about to be dropped in the scrap metal crusher. Remember the gun in the glove compartment from the beginning of the chapter? Don’t bother trying anything else, just kick the glove compartment open.

Once free, you have to face Mad Jack. Norman is clearly outclassed here, but let this be a valuable lesson to you all on why you don’t wear any loose items of clothing around heavy machinery.

TROPHY: Goodbye Mad Jack

If Norman fails here, he will be killed, any further chapters in which he was the main character will not appear & he won’t be present in the final chapter.

Chapter Thirty Five: Eureka

Thursday 4:30pm
Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 2

Listen to Lauren blather on for a bit. Once she’s in the shower, walk into the kitchen & get the eggs out of the fridge. Follow the prompts & wait for her to return. If you took the eggs off the stove too early, she will complain that the omelet is undercooked.

TROPHY: The Chef

If you don’t bother to make the eggs, she will ask you about it, then tell you not to bother, not that she eats the omelet anyway. Ask Lauren about the notebook, then follow her back to Scott’s desk.

Chapter Thirty Six: The Cemetery

Characters: Scott Shelby
Versions: 2

In the graveyard, either ask he gravedigger for assistance, or wait until Lauren asks a mourner. This allows you the ability to look at the gravestones. John Sheppard’s grave is in the same row as the grave digger, it is a low, wide, pale granite stone with white flowers placed before it.

Examine the grave. Afterwards, the gravedigger will approach to tell you the sad tale of little John Sheppard.

Chapter Thirty Seven: Twins

Character: ??
Versions: 1

Take over John Sheppard’s twin brother as they play in the construction site where they live.

TROPHY: I’m not Scared!

John will suggest a game of hide & seek, use the buttons indicated to skip through the numbers then turn hard to the right & run past the yellow earthmover. You will see a section of pipe lying in front of a strip of concrete, John is behind the pipe.

Chapter Thirty Eight: Flowers on the Grave

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1

Follow Lauren to the nearest exit, before you leave witness Charles Kramer leave flowers on little John Sheppard’s grave.

Chapter Thirty Nine: Sexy Girl

Thursday 11:03pm
Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 2

Paco is enjoying his private lounge, just inside the nightclub on the left. Watch him for a while to notice him call a girl over. Go back towards the entrance to find the bathrooms & tart yourself up. If you step away from the mirror, you cannot interact with it again, so leave LEFT until last.

Step up on the lighted display near Paco & dance. When you’re called for, walk towards the bouncer. Paco will invite you upstairs, follow him through the club, up the stairs, & into his office.

When he tells you to take your clothes off, choosing LEAVE will end the conversation. When Paco pulls the gun on you, press UP to start the strip tease, then LAMP to clobber Paco.

TROPHY: Pride Saved

Selecting other conversation options will result in Madison taking off more of her clothes. There are enough conversation options to strip her down to her panties.

Slap Paco awake and choose two actions to intimidate him. When the guard comes to the door, choose BUSY to convince him to leave, or OPEN UP to go to the door & tell him to go away. Complete the QTE to get the information Madison is after. Go downstairs & leave the club.

Chapter Forty: Fish Tank

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 1

Go straight upstairs into Paco’s office, follow the prompt to turn the chair around & discover Paco murdered. You can’t move until you put the ARI glasses on, but as soon as you do, you are attacked.

Fight Origami/John Sheppard off. Once he has escaped, interrogate the bodyguard & return to Paco’s office. Pick up the ARI glasses & your sidearm.

Put ARI on & search the room thoroughly, specifically the gun behind the door, the scattered papers behind Paco’s desk, & the torn pocket with the gas receipts on the floor between the desk & fish tank. You’ll want to switch the camera a couple of times, to make this room easier.

Investigating the room reveals other, insignificant items of information. This is your first opportunity (as a player) to find out Madison is not all she appears to be.

Chapter Forty One: On the Loose

Characters:Ethan Mars/Madison Paige
Versions: 3

This is the most complex chapter of the game. It offers one ”in-chapter” choice (affecting how you play the chapter, but nothing else), one story choice that not only affects the chapter order, but is affected by a previous chapter, & an ”ending choice” (a seemingly inconsequential decision that unlocks specific endings).

Ethan has returned to his hotel room, where he mourns his actions in the Shark trial. Madison joins him, comforting Ethan with the news that she has evidence proving he is not the Origami Killer.

Story Choice

In this moment of vulnerability, Madison leans in to kiss Ethan.

All is Forgiven

Accept the kiss. Afterwards, dress Ethan & pick his jacket up from the chair. This causes Madison’s belongings to fall to the floor. Check them out to discover that she has been lying all along, but forgive her.

TROPHY: Lover Boy


Accept the kiss. Dress Ethan & uncover Madison’s lie. Do not forgive her.

TROPHY: Unforgivable

I Couldn’t

Refuse Madison’s kiss.

Take control of Madison & head down to the courtyard.

Story Choice

Realising that the SWAT have come to arrest Ethan, Madison has the choice of abandoning him to his fate or warning him.

To warn Ethan, walk into the reception office and use the phone to dial room 207. This will trigger the police to burst in, Ethan will grab the final origami & attempt to flee via the balcony.

If you decide not to warn Ethan, simply get on your bike and choose LEAVE. The police will break in, but Ethan can still fight them off.

If Madison fell to the Doc, she will not appear in this scene at all. Pick Ethan up off the floor, collect the rat origami, then head out the door to see the gathering SWAT team.

Story Choice

Now in control of Ethan, it up to you to evade the police. On the walkway in front of the rooms go RIGHT to avoid the SWAT, then UP onto the roof. Rapid tap L1 & R1 to cross the piping & UP to go over the roofed section.

Evade Capture

At the end of the chase, Ethan will be trapped at the edge of a roof. Leap off the roof & hijack the passing taxi to get away from Blake. CONTINUE TO CHAPTER FORTY TWO

TROPHY: Escape Master


Ethan can be arrested at any point in the chase if you fail too many QTE prompts in a row, or by surrendering to Blake on the roof.

  • IF THIS IS ETHAN’S SECOND ARREST: Ethan is thrown in a holding cell, he will not be able to attempt the Rat trial, nor will he be present in the final chapter. CONTINUE TO CHAPTER FORTY TWO
  • IF JAYDEN IS DEAD: regardless of whether this is Ethan’s first or second arrest, Jayden is unable to complete chapters fifty two/four (UNDER ARREST). Instead, Ethan will be thrown in the holding cell as if he had been arrested twice. CONTINUE TO CHAPTER FORTY TWO

TROPHY: Hands Up!

Chapter Forty Two: Trapped

Thursday 11:43pm
Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 2

After waking up in Scott’s car, pick two actions, then either punch the dash display in or turn the ignition on & use the cigarette lighter to free yourself. Once you’re free, look right.

Story Choice

Lauren is unconscious, if you do not attend to her before breaking the window, you will not have the option to afterwards. Untie Lauren’s bonds to bring her to shore with you, or ignore her to escape alone.

TROPHY: Swimming Instructor

Chapter Forty Three: Face to Face

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 2

Ram Lauren’s car through the gates & into Kramer’s villa. Take out the goons as they appear.

TROPHY: Invincible Scott

In Kramer’s office, beat the snot out of Kramer for a while.

Story Choice

All this stress is too much for Charles Kramer, as he suffers a flare up of what is probably acute angina.

Second Chances

Fetch Kramer’s medicine for him.

TROPHY: Kind Hearted

No One Will Miss Him

Walk away. Because, seriously, fuck that guy.

Chapter Forty Four: Ann Sheppard

Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 1

Having apparently overheard Scott’s final conversation with Charles Kramer, Madison has tracked down Ann Sheppard. Walk to the far end of the hall, noting the Chekov’s gun, I mean, flowers on the table.

Patiently ask Ann Sheppard all of the questions available, then go over to the origami book on the table under the window. Fold a paper dog to trigger Ann Sheppard’s memory, then admire the paper cranes on the table opposite the foot of the bed.

Investigate the bedside table to find a photo of John Sheppard & his twin brother. Finally, go out into the hall and fetch an orchid from the vase. You can speak to the nurse, but she won’t tell you anything you haven’t already worked out. You cannot leave the hospital.

Return with the flower & place it in the vase to convince Ann Sheppard to reveal the killer’s name.

Chapter Forty Five: The Rat

Character: Ethan Mars
Versions: 3

This is the final trial left by the killer. If Ethan was arrested for the second time at the motel (On the Loose), he will be in jail & this chapter won’t occur.

Story Choice

The ultimate sacrifice: a father’s life for that of his son.

I Would do Anything

If Shaun dies, then what does Ethan have left to live for? Take the poison. Ethan will start the timer on the watch before leaving to look for Shaun.

TROPHY: Sacrifice

If Ethan completed all five trials as set by Origami, you get a trophy.

TROPHY: Trial Master

I’ll Find You

Walk away from the table, at the door choose LEAVE.

Outside, Ethan will be pouring over the clues from the killer. If you have all the clues, you will have the full address, but the more trials you failed, the more possible addresses could fit the hangman.

Story Choice

Unless you completed all five trials successfully, there will be at least three addresses that could potentially fit the clues.

Clever Dad

The correct address is 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road, it is on the right side of the GPS screen, next to the river.

TROPHY: Clever Dad

Wrong Address

If you pick any address other then the correct one, you will end up at a restaurant.

If you have failed or abandoned all of the trials after the Bear, Ethan will not have any letters to work with, rendering him helpless & unable to go to Shaun.

Chapter Forty Six: Solving the Puzzle

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 4

Frantic, as the hours are counting down for Shaun, Jayden is fruitlessly trying to work out how to put the clues together. Blake will come in & gleefully inform Jayden that he’s being sent home now that a scapegoat has been found for the origami murders.

If Ethan was arrested in Fugitive or On the Loose, & Jayden failed to turn the camera off, Blake will instead berate Jayden for interfering with the investigation.

Story Choice

The number of clues you collected & whether or not you put them together correctly, will determine whether Jayden makes it to the final chapter or not.

Puzzle Solved

Open CLUES to review the new information obtained after Paco’s murder. Rewind the recording from ARI if needed & pause it during Jayden’s struggle with Origami, ANALYSE the paused recording to unlock a vital clue. Alternatively, examine the weapon used to murder Paco, both pieces of evidence unlock the same clue.

If you gathered all of the pertinent clues in chapter five (Crime Scene), chapter thirty four (Mad Jack), & chapter forty (Fish Tank), a trophy is triggered by examining the most recently added of them.


Once all the clues have been examined, Use GEOANALYSE to narrow down the clues to a single address. As Blake watches Jayden leave, if Ethan has the correct address, he will receive a call alerting him that Ethan has been located.

Wild Accusations

When Jayden leaps to the conclusion that Carter Blake is the killer, Jayden can accuse him, resulting in a meek Jayden being dressed down by the Captain. He will be thrown off the case & won’t be present in the final chapter.

Too Hard

Exiting ARI & selecting GIVE UP will cause Jayden to fail the puzzle & he won’t be present in the final chapter.

…And That Would be Bad

Just as the mysterious bartender/valet warned, the longer Jayden spends inside ARI’s virtual world, the greater danger he is in. If you take your sweet time examining the clues, reexamining files & clues that you’ve already analysed, after a time Jayden’s eyes will begin to bleed.

ANECDOTE: This happened to me by accident the second time I played. Though I have a theory, I'm not entirely sure where I went wrong, but Jayden never went to the Blue Lagoon & never picked up the vital information that would expose the killer. At a loss, I examined & reexamined the clues I did have until Jayden was bleeding from both eyes.

Possibly the slowest death since doctors discovered how to treat tuberculosis, you have more than enough time to complete the puzzle, but if you persist in using ARI for too long after both eyes begin to bleed, Jayden will die of some condition apparently unrelated to ARI, eliminating him from the final chapter.

If you went to the Blue Lagoon, you can simply watch the recording of Jayden’s fight with Origami repeatedly until he croaks.

Chapter Forty Seven: Goodbye Lauren

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1

If Scott rescued her in chapter forty two (Trapped), he will now send her off to stay with her mother as the origami case comes to a climax.

Chapter Forty Eight: Hold my Hand

Character: ??
Versions: 1

Return to the flashback where you left off, run back the way you came to the caravan where the Sheppard boys’ father is drinking in the rain. When he doesn’t come to the boys’ aid, the Sheppard brother returns to John & holds his hand as he dies.

Chapter Forty Nine: Origami Killer

Character: Scott Shelby
Versions: 1(ish)

Take over Scott as he burns the evidence he has gathered that might incriminate him. With each piece you toss into the trash can, there is a (not) brief (enough) flashback to the scene where you collected it.

  • Shoebox (Hassan’s Shop)
  • Cell Phone (Suicide Baby)
  • Envelope (A Visitor)
  • Accounts Book (Manfred)
  • Contact Book (Fish Tank)
  • Photo (Ann Sheppard)

Chapter Fifty: Killer’s Place

Character: Madison Paige
Versions: 6

Break into Scott Shelby’s apartment by picking the lock. You can poke around for a bit, but the items of interest are the police badge in the drawer & the cupboard nearby.

Story Choice

You can’t leave Scott’s apartment. Find the secret room & go to the back, look up at the monitor to see the surveillance of Shaun, then down at the laptop.

An Address

The correct password isn’t shown until you’ve made two wrong attempts (it’s MAX, Madison helpfully explains the significance to no one at all). Note the address & leave the secret room.

Too Many Tries

If you make too many attempts at guessing the password, Madison will hear a noise & leave the secret room.

When you exit the secret room, Scott has returned & locks you inside. Look at the wall & investigate any of the sections. At the back of the room, grab the green box & rip it away from the wall, use it on the top wall on the right side.

Climb through the hole & leave the bathroom. Scott must have the most inflammable apartment ever built, because the whole thing is ablaze. Follow the trail on the floor that isn’t burning & let yourself into the main room.

Cross over to the desk, going around behind it, & knock over the filing cabinet. Jump to the entryway. The front door is locked & cannot be forced, but you can get into the kitchen, which is not on fire.

Story Choice

There are six options, two will save Madison, but the other four will allow her to die.

Madison Escapes

Sweep the microwave off the counter & climb up to open the window. Once Madison has climbed out, she will jump across to the open window of the hallway. Your second option is to hide in the fridge. No, really.

TROPHY: Cold as Ice

Upon escaping the gas explosion, you have the option of calling either Ethan or Jayden to give them the address of where Shaun is being held, allowing you to make up for mistakes you may have made earlier.

Madison is Killed

Hide under the kitchen table, hide in the corner beyond said table, fail a QTE so Madison catches fire & don’t save her, or jump out of any other window to kill Madison.

Chapter Fifty One: The Old Warehouse

Friday 7:22pm
Characters: Ethan Mars/Madison Paige/Norman Jayden
Versions: plenty

Ignoring the fact that Shaun would have died of exposure days ago, how this scene goes down depends on which characters arrive on the scene.

This is the only chapter in which Ethan can die (not counting Epilogues). It is interesting to note that, through the course of the story, anyone can die, but not EVERYone.

The number of outcomes only accounts for the failure/success of the character(s) present in the old warehouse & does not take into account the differing epilogues resulting from other parts of the story (e.g. Jayden not present due to death versus being thrown off the case).

Ethan, Madison, Jayden

Ethan will be the first to arrive at the warehouse, his rescue efforts, however, will be stymied by the appearance of Scott Shelby/Origami. Jayden will arrive just in time to prevent Origami from shooting Ethan, chasing him onto the roof where they battle on an old (but apparently still functioning) conveyor belt.

Ethan can now resuscitate Shaun. If he took the poison during the Rat trial, his hour will be up moments after Shaun comes to. Ethan will be apparently shocked that his heart didn't explode exactly sixty minutes after he ingested the mysterious fluid, but I guess that means he’ll be okay.

Meanwhile, Blake will arrive with snipers, following reports of Ethan’s car (or the taxi he hijacked) being seen in the area. Madison will arrive & try to reason with Blake, who has Ash detain her, forcing her to make a break for it.

Possible outcomes: 4

Ethan & Madison

Ethan will arrive first, rescuing Shaun & saying goodbye, after which Madison will arrive. Origami will appear & threaten Madison, as she knows his identity. After an initial struggle, Madison will flee out into a cargo/loading area.

Possible outcomes: 2

Ethan & Jayden

Ethan will arrive first, but before he can try to rescue Shaun, Origami will interrupt him. This is Jayden’s cue to leap from the shadows & chase the killer off so Ethan can resuscitate his son.

Possible outcomes: 2

Madison & Jayden

Madison will arrive first, with Jayden immediately behind her. Origami will appear moments later, knocking Jayden down & forcing Madison to fight him.

Possible outcomes: 2

I would have sworn there’s an alternate version of this where Jayden arrives first, but damned if I know how to make it happen.

Ethan Alone

Ethan has enough time to rescue Shaun, & say goodbye if he took the poison, before Scott reveals himself. Finally satisfied, Scott offers no resistance when Ethan pulls the gun on him (shooting him has no effect on the ending).

Possible outcomes: 1

Madison Alone

Origami will interrupt Madison’s efforts to rescue Shaun & you will have to subdue him immediately. Once Shaun has been resuscitated, Origami will chase her out to the loading/cargo area.

Possible outcomes: 3

Jayden Alone

If Jayden is the only hero to make it to the warehouse, he will rescue Shaun from the well & resuscitate him before being attacked by Origami.

Possible outcomes: 2

No Heroes

If Madison is dead; Jayden dead, failed to identify the real killer, or was thrown off the case for accusing Blake; & Ethan is in jail or went to the wrong address; then no one will be coming to Shaun's rescue. There is be a brief shot of the well before cutting to the news report.

Possible outcomes: 1


If Ethan or Jayden make it to the warehouse, they will automatically rescue Shaun. If Madison is alone, she will have to fight off Origami to rescue the boy.

TROPHY: Saved the Kid

If Madison arrives at the Warehouse alone, or Jayden arrives in any variation, at the end of their fight sequence with Origami they will be given the opportunity to save him from certain death.

TROPHY: Simple Mind

Chapter Fifty Two: Under Arrest

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 3

Choose three of the increasingly desperate interrogation options to get Ethan to talk, then one of the four responses.

Choosing to bodily prevent Blake from beating Ethan will result in him kicking you out of the interrogation, otherwise you can choose two verbal options to attempt to intervene before Blake gets sick of your company. You can also opt to do nothing, storming out of the room when Ethan collapses.

Go to the Captain’s office and complain about Blake’s behaviour, not that it does any good. Visit the viewing room to see that Blake and Ethan have mysteriously vanished into the ether. Return to your ”office” & choose whether or not to take the Tripto hit.


Chapter Fifty Three: Jayden Blues (version 2)

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 1

Frustrated, Jayden has escaped into ARI’s virtual world. Play Jayden’s theme on the piano & listen to the externalisation of his conscience deliver his heavy handed Aesop.

Use ARI to ANALYSE the video from the park, the car, & Jackson Neville. Upon exiting ARI, Norman will be in his office. CONTINUE TO CHAPTER FIFTY FOUR

Chapter Fifty Four: Under Arrest, part 2

Character: Norman Jayden
Versions: 1

This is a continuation of chapter fifty-two, rather than a chapter in its own right.

Return to the interrogation room & ask the officer to leave you alone with Ethan. Help him off the floor, then leave again. Go into the attached observation room & switch the camera off before using the microphone to dismiss the officer on guard.

TROPHY: Wise Guy

Pick up the police poncho from the chair & fetch the handcuff keys, they are on the desk next to Ash (Blake’s partner). Unlock Ethan’s cuffs & give him the poncho so he can affect an escape.


Chapter Fifty Five: Epilogues

Each of the main characters gets an epilogue after the conclusion at the old warehouse. Which epilogues you see depend on whether that character survived the story & whether Shaun was successfully rescued.

News Report
Before the character epilogues begin, there is a run down of related headlines reporting on whether Shaun was rescued/died, whether the killer was correctly identified, who died, & who had a direct hand in rescuing Shaun (if he was saved).

Ethan Mars

  • A New Start: Shaun rescued, Madison unforgiven/dead.
  • A New Life^: Shaun rescued, Madison forgiven.
  • Origami Blues: Shaun dies, Madison unforgiven/dead.
  • Tears in the Rain^: Shaun dies, Madison forgiven.
  • Innocent: Ethan is in jail, Shaun rescued.
  • Helpless: Ethan is in jail, Shaun dies.
  • Ethan’s Grave: Ethan is killed at the old warehouse.

^ These endings supersede Madison’s endings, she will not have a separate epilogue if you get either of these.

Madison Paige

  • Heroine (1): Madison detained at the warehouse.
  • Heroine (2): Madison aides in Shaun's rescue.
  • Square One: Madison survives, but Shaun dies.
  • Dead Heroine: Madison dies at any point.

The difference between the versions of ”heroine” are that, although she writes her book anyway, she only gets the additional media attention if she is able to participate in the rescue.

Norman Jayden

  • Resignation: Norman survives & Shaun is rescued.
  • Case Closed: Norman assists in Shaun’s rescue.
  • Smoking Mirror: Norman survives, but Shaun dies.
  • Uploaded: Norman dies at any point.

Scott Shelby

  • Origami’s Grave (1): Scott dies, Lauren rescued.
  • Origami’s Grave (2): Scott dies, Lauren drowned.
  • Mother’s Revenge: Scott lived, but Lauren was rescued.
  • Unpunished: Scott lived & Lauren drowned in Trapped.

The two versions of ”Origami’s Grave” differ in whether Lauren is present or not.

Appendix A: Story Trophies

You automatically obtain the trophy HEAVY RAIN HERO for completing the story, but there are additional trophies for having the story play out certain ways.

Four Heroes

Have Ethan, Madison, & Jayden all reach the Warehouse & succeed at their respective challenges.

So Close

After completing ”Four Heroes”, reload the game from the chapter THE OLD WAREHOUSE. Do not attempt Madison’s QTE so that she is detained by Ash & allow Jayden to fail & be killed by Origami.

Perfect Crime

This trophy requires a number of steps, starting very early in the game.

  • Hassan’s Shop - Provoke the robber into shooting Hassan.
  • Manfred - Ensure that you clean up all prints before leaving.
  • Mad Jack - Allow Mad Jack to get the better of Norman Jayden.
  • Trapped - Leave Lauren to drown in the car.
  • Face to Face - Leave without giving Kramer his pills.
  • Solving the Puzzle - Alternately, have Jayden die here instead.
  • Killer’s Place - Jump out the wrong window to kill Madison.
  • The Old Warehouse - Have Ethan turn up to rescue Shaun, let Origami go.

All Endings

As far as the game is concerned, the only save file it knows about is the one that’s currently active. Play the game from beginning to end as per ”Four Heroes” & ”So Close…”

Reload your game from the chapter HASSAN’S SHOP & play through as per ”Perfect Crime”. From there, you shouldn’t need to go back any further than ON THE LOOSE to change the various epilogues.

The most important chapters for seeing all endings are:

  • Fail or skip BUTTERFLY &/or LIZARD, so you can choose whether Ethan locates Shaun or not.
  • ON THE LOOSE, determines whether Madison is forgiven or not & if Ethan is in jail or not.
  • SOLVING THE PUZZLE, determines Jayden’s fate.
  • KILLER’S PLACE, determines Madison’s fate.

Appendix B: Extra Credit

Discussion Topic: Do you think Norman Jayden’s deadly addiction is ARI or the Triptocaine? Provide examples from the game that support your conclusion.

BONUS: Triptocaine isn’t a thing, but TROPACOCAINE is.

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