(At this point your Gamemaster would determine the effect of your shot on Edith. Here we graciously assume David-R is terrifically lucky)

Joshua’s shot at Edith-O misses and hits the wall. Edith-O finishes Joshua-R off with a single well-aimed shot. However, because she left herself wide open to your shot, you drill her directly in the temple and she slumps to the floor, killed instantly. Record an L code.

You have a problem: dead Troubleshooters.

Try to escape.

If you give yourself up, saying the two Troubleshooters killed each other, you are using the Management skill to persuade your interrogators to accept your story. David-R’s Management skill is 5, which means you must roll 5 or less on the 20-sided die to successfully use your skill. You can spend up to 5 perversity points to temporarily modify David-R's management skill. Increase David-R's skill by one for each perversity point you spend.

You succeed your management skill roll.
You fail your management skill roll.

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