‘David-R? This is Joshua-R and I’m Edith-O.’ Coldly Edith-O says, ‘I’m in charge of this operation, and don’t either of you forget it.’ Edith-O directs Joshua-R and you to pick up your toolkits and follow her. She leads the way to the residence barracks of Lonnie-KKD-3 and Virgil-KKD-4 at coordinates F6-117/KKD. She produces a magnetic key and opens the door.

She sends Joshua-R into the common room to check the master unit. She sends you to examine the remote unit in the sleeping room. Edith-O checks on Joshua-R and you, then turns her attention to searching the walls and floors with a strange device.

You can see Joshua-R in the other room. He is out of Edith-O’s sight. Joshua-R doesn’t appear to notice you looking. Joshua-R pulls something from a pocket of his coveralls and looks to be fiddling with it.

You can’t see well at this distance, but your mutation, Hypersenses, may make it possible for you to see what Joshua-R is doing.

Use your mutant power to observe Joshua.
Don't use your mutant power.

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