You have survived the mission.

Mission Codes

Compare the codes you recorded as you proceeded through the mission with the list below. The codes explain the consequences of your choices, and the reasons for those consequences.

A: No correction because you accepted the experimental device.

B: Censure for declining the experimental device. For a week, everyone you meet must officially scold you on that point.

C: Probation for inquiring about classified information. IntSec has many ways of tracking probation. You’ll find out.

D: R&D notices your tampering with the neurostunner. For unauthorized examination of a device in search of information not cleared for RED Security Clearance, The Computer fines you 100 credits.

E: You have damaged experimental equipment in the process of unauthorized examination of the device. The Computer fines you 200 credits.

F and G: No one has observed either your contact with the secret society member or your discovery of the message in the confession booth. G means you have failed to follow the directives of your secret society, which may result in the loss of status and privilege.

H means nothing at all—but you were worried for a minute there, weren’t you?

I: The Computer grants you an Official Commendation for quick action in protecting a trusted agent. However, because Internal Security later determines you couldn’t have known what was going on in the other room without a mutant power, The Computer puts you on probation. It doesn’t explain its suspicions you have an unregistered mutation.

J: Indicates no effect on treason or commendation points, because you can’t be blamed for something you didn’t know about (Joshua-R’s hidden weapon).

K: Though Edith-O had some suspicions about you, she nonetheless felt you deserved a commendation for trying to help. You receive a 100-credit bonus.

L: You will receive a secret society promotion for Edith-O’s death, whether or not you killed her (or, if you didn’t look for the secret society message in the confession booth, whether you even knew you were supposed to kill her).

M: Your prompt action leading to the apprehension of a traitor earns you an Official Commendation.

N: Edith-O is not sure who you were going to shoot at. She reports your suspicious behavior and failure to assist her to The Computer. The
Computer places you on probation.

Star over?

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