Paranoia Solo Mission

Usually PARANOIA missions require one Gamemaster and three or more players. A special kind of mission, called a ‘solo’, lets you play by yourself. This solo mission introduces you to some basic concepts of PARANOIA.

To run this mission you need pencil, paper and a 20-sided die (1d20).

Begin by reading the section below, and clicking on the link for the course of action you take. Each section will present you with two or more courses of action. When you choose your action, follow its instructions, then click on the appropriate link.

As you go through the mission, you will record certain codes. Write these on a piece of paper. At the end of the mission we explain the codes you recorded.

After you complete this mission, try it again, making different choices to see how they affect the outcome. Even if you succeed, try the mission again to see what happens if you do foolish things. The mission will give you an idea of the problems, decisions and consequences a Troubleshooter must face in performing missions for The Computer.

Begin Here:

TROUBLESHOOTERS: David-R-URK-1, Technical Services; Joshua-R-THR-2, Technical Services; Edith-O-OFX-2, Technical Services.

MISSION: Surveillance systems check, Sector NHB. Rendezvous at NHB Troubleshooter Dispatch at 1300 hours. Investigate suspected surveillance systems malfunction in residence quarters of INFRARED citizens Lonnie-KKD-3 and Virgil-KKD-4. Residence coordinates F6-117/KKD.

Do you accept the mission? YES / NO

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