I don't believe in the divining power of tarot cards, but they are a useful roleplay tool.

The Cards

Click on a card name for a description and the common meanings attached to that card.

The Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
The Fool Ace Ace Ace Ace
The Magician Two Two Two Two
The High Priestess Three Three Three Three
The Empress Four Four Four Four
The Emperor Five Five Five Five
The Hierophant Six Six Six Six
The Lovers Seven Seven Seven Seven
The Chariot Eight Eight Eight Eight
Strength Nine Nine Nine Nine
The Hermit Ten Ten Ten Ten
Wheel of Fortune Page Page Page Page
Justice Knight Knight Knight Knight
The Hanged Man Queen Queen Queen Queen
Death King King King King
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World


A list of some of the common meanings of tarot cards, and the cards that are attached to those definitions. a (R) after a card name indicates that a card has this meaning if it is "reversed" - turned upside down. Some cards may have difference nuances of certain meanings.

Not every meaning and keyword has been included on this list. If you can't find a word, try looking for similar concepts. Many cards, when revered, can represent the negative aspect or downsides to their standard meaning. For example: to find cards that represent ideas like delayed rewards, or denied returns, try reading cards that mean "success".

- A - Abandonment Empress(R)
Abundance Empress, Wheel(R)
Adjustment Justice
Ambition Devil
Arrogance High Priestess(R)
Art Moon
Authority Emperor
- B - Bad Luck Wheel(R)
Balance Justice, Temperance
Battle Chariot
Beginnings Fool, Ace of Wands
Bias Justice(R)
- C - Carelessness Fool(R)
Caring/Nurturing Empress
Change Fool, Wheel, Hanged Man, Death, Tower, Eight of Wands
Charm/Charisma Magician
Chaos/Anarchy Moon(R)
Choice Lovers, Two of Wands
Clarity Sun
Communication Lovers
Competition Five of Wands
Completion Lovers, World
Con Artist Magician(R)
Concealment Hermit(R)
Conflict Chariot, Temperance(R), Five of Wands
Conformity Hierophant(R)
Courage Strength
Cowardice Strength(R), Seven of Wands
Creation Magician, The Empress, Moon
- D - Defeat Chariot(R)
Defensiveness Seven of Wands
Desire Devil
Destruction Death
Directionless Chariot(R)
Disorder Sun(R)
Dreams Fool, Hanged Man, Moon
- E - Eagerness Emperor
Ending Death, World
Enemies Moon
Energy Emperor, Strength, Ace of Wands, Eight of Wands
Experimentation Temperance
Expertise Magician
- F - Failure Lovers(R)
False Belief Tower(R)
False Hope Star(R)
Forgiveness Judgement
Foundations Four of Wands
- G - Glory Sun
Guidance Star
- H - Harmony Hierophant
Haunted Judgement(R)
Healing Star, Judgement
Hope Star
Hopelessness Five of Wands(R)
Honour Strength
- I - Illumination High Priestess, Sun
Impatience Emperor(R), Hermit(R)
Imprisonment Tower(R)
Indecision Two of Wands(R)
Indulgence Devil
Inflexibility Hierophant(R)
Inner Strength Strength
Inspiration The Fool, Ace of Wands
Introspection Hermit
Insanity Moon (also reversed)
Instability Moon(R), Four of Wands(R)
Isolation Hermit(R)
- J - Jealousy The Empress(R)
- K - Knowledge Magician, High Priestess, Sun
- L - Learning High Priestess, Hierophant
Lies Tower(R)
Loneliness Hermit(R)
Logic Sun
Love Lovers
Luck Wheel
Lust High Priestess(R), Devil
- M - Meditation Hanged Man
Mercy Hierophant
Moderation Temperance
Mood Moon
Mysteries High Priestess
- N - Neglect Empress(R)
- O - Obsession Devil
Optimism Fool
Overwhelmed Strength(R)
- P - Parting Lovers(R)
Patience The Empress, Temperance
Passion High Priestess(R), Devil
Permanence World
Perseverance Nine of Wands
Pessimism Star(R)
Possessiveness The Empress(R)
Possibilities Fool
Power Magician
Protection Emperor
- R - Reason/Logic Justice, Sun
Rebirth/Renewal Fool, Death, Judgement
Reward Three of Wands
Restraint Strength(R)
- S - Science Magician
Secrets High Priestess
Selfishness Hanged Man(R)
Severity Justice(R)
Siege Seven of Wands
Sleep Death(R), Moon
Solitude Hermit
Solutions Hanged Man, Sun
Stability Emperor, Four of Wands
Stagnation World(R)
Stubbornness Hierophant(R)
Success Sun, World, Four Wands, Six of Wands
Suspension Hanged Man
- T - Tenacity High Priestess
Thought Hermit
Transformation Death, Judgement
Travel Chariot
Tyranny Emperor(R)
- U - Unification Temperance
- V - Vanity Fool(R)
Victory Six of Wands
Violence Tower
Visions Moon
Vulnerability Hanged Man
- W - Weariness Eight of Wands(R), Nine of Wands
Wrong Choices Lovers(R)
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