the Perpetual To Do List

I have a “to do” list. It is a long list. I imagine most people have something similar.
It’s a vague concept in your mind of things that you would like to, one day, actually get around to doing.
So for something different, here’s my “to do” list:

Category: Writing
• Finish Broken Wings
• Finish Palaci’d’ielo
• Finish Metal and Blood v2
• Finish Picklekin, Kindlewisp, and the Dragon
• Finish my Spanish Project

Category: Creativity
• Finish chibi Darth
• Finish “Love, Restoring my Faith”
• Finish the original Tá sketch
• Finish the close up Tá sketch
• Finish the Tá-Moon sketch
• Finish Tá-Bravery sketch
• Finish Nightcrawler tribute
• Finish current Angell drawing
• Finish current GhostWolfe drawing
• Finish Angells Fall
• Finish Ten of Swords Reversed

Category: Wargaming
• Finish painting my Goblins
• Finish painting my Space Marines
• Finish painting my Wood Elves
• Convert my Daemonic Herald properly and re-paint
• For that matter, re-paint my Daemonettes

Category: RPGs
• Rework ToEE and RToEE for 3.5
• Make flow charts for World’s Largest Dungeon maps
• Make DM notes for the whole damn book
• Finish my incomplete DnD adventures
• Polish my complete DnD adventures
• Make electronic maps for said adventures

Category: Around the House
• Do my filing
• eBay that box of stuff by my desk
• Arrange for charity to come collect my unwanted goods
• Clean my desk (again)

Category: Computer Stuff
• Finish sorting my iTunes
• Sort MySpace bands into genre categories
• Do my scanning
• Update the Twitter page of my blog
• Update the Quotes page of my blog
• Fix all the images on the Waja Wiki

Category: Other
• Re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
• Re-read the Necroscope books
• Finish my current reading list (the pile of books by my bed)
• Learn Spanish
• Learn to drive (might be a good one)

Last Update: 5 March, 2010

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